Gale Bowser

Office Manager

The life and times of Gale Luttrell-Bowser

Well where do I begin…l was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We lived there until I was 5 years old then we moved to Pulaski, Virginia where my father owned the only Chevrolet dealership in town. My family has always loved the car business and racing. (I have 2 older brothers and one sister.) My brothers worked as a mechanic or detail person and my sister worked in the office filing car deals. I remember the wonderful times being the daughter of Bill Luttrell and riding in the parades showing off the new cars. It seems that my mom was always driving a new car…loved it. (Wish that was me.) I remember one time my mom had a Corvette Stingray 1963 Coupe Navy Blue and I used to play dolls in the back of it…such wonderful memories. I went to school in Pulaski until the 8th grade then my family moved to Tennessee to start a resort business with two of my dad’s friends. Pulaski is where I met my best friend, Nelia Ann. We have been friends for 50+ years now and we went to college together along with being in each others weddings plus Nelia was here for my daughters birth. Couldn’t ask for a better “sister and friend”. Although she is still in Virginia we are very close.

Well, we lived in Crossville, Tennessee until graduation in 1975. In the meantime I lost my father to an heart attack on December 10, 1973. …same night that my mom and her friend had a car accident coming back from Knoxville Christmas shopping. That night God was on my side because I could have lost both my parents. My mom was my mom and dad at this time…our bond was and is so powerful. I went to college in Atlanta, Georgia at Bauder Fashion College. I graduated with an AA degree in Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design with elective in Business Law in 1977. I wanted to design homes and work for my brother-in-law but the crash came in 1976 in which made me change my major. After college my mother and I moved to Florida in 1979 where I worked for Ivey’s Department Store then moved to Houston, Texas where I was an assistant buyer for Neiman-Marcus. Loved the buying industry. Maybe that’s why both daughters work in retail. Runs through out veins!
After 2 years in Texas I moved back home to be with my mom in Florida. This is when I met my husband to be…met him at the Honda Dealership in Daytona working with my brother. We dated for 5 years until we married in 1984. After 9 years finally I became a mother to twin little girls….the best thing that ever happened in my life. As a child “Santa” would bring me two of the same dolls growing up because I always wanted twins. Ran in my family 7 generations back. God gave me those beautiful girls. I raised my daughters on my own after my divorce when my girls were 4 years old. I don’t regret being a single mom…we had a wonderful time together then and definitely the best bond now. They are my BFF’s just as my mom is mine. My “oldest twin by one minute” was married on February 24, 2017, so it’s a fantastic month and year for my little family. Looking forward to have a “son”. Now that my girls have left the “nest” I spend my time with my 3 precious little Papillion pups. Zena is my love which I have had for 8 years now…the boys were rescue pups and Fly is 8 with Panda is 11. I have this wonderful leash now that connects all 3 of them and they love to go for walks. Look how organized the little ones are! Zena the princess is in the middle of course…taught her well!

Spent most of my working life in retail or medical. I worked for Florida Healthcare for about 7 years and other doctors offices prior…I enjoyed doing insurance billing and being manager. Then I was offered a job in New Smyrna to work for a doctor friend of mine, Dr. Norberto Martinez, a neurologist in town. I worked there as manager for about 8 years before his passing and the practice closed. After the closing I was approached from one of FPC members about an opening here at the church. I applied and got the job…this happened back in 2011 and I am still here. Love to serve all of you here at FPC.

Back in March of 2015 1 decided that I wanted a little part-time job so most of you have seen me at the local theater in town…Carmike which now has been bought by AMC. Love working there during the evening during the week…I am called “momma bear” at the theater since I am the oldest and they look up to me as mom. Oh boy more kids! But it is fun and keeps me “young”!

Well my hobbies unlike most, is coloring…I have books that I actually color in (and I stay within the lines) for therapy. Great relaxation for me. I sit in my papasan chair or the porch swing and color. I am a big cartoon fan of the Flintstones, Smurfs, Jetsons and of course Scooby Doo…one of my past-times. I love the mountains and visit the Georgia Mountains at once or twice a year in Blairsville to visit Julia and George Richardson (past members that moved back to Georgia). I love hiking and taking long walks when I have the time plus I enjoy riding my bike with the kids. Another hobby is just getting away to either St. Augustine or Mt. Dora to just take in the sights. I just recently took up another hobby that I used to do all the time with my mom…making macramé hanging pot holders. I am great at grilling too…my dad was awesome at it and taught me well. My kids say I make the best tacos and sausage gravy…my mom taught me that. My mom’s side of the family could cook.

Never knew I had so much to talk about. Well that’s about it about me….come see me in the office! I sincerely love my place at FPC…not a job but a great place to roost! Hope you enjoyed my history book about ME!