Ann Marie R. D’Alessio

Director of Christian Education and Outreach

I was born in Waterbury, CT and was raised in an Italian Catholic home. I knew at a very early age that God had a calling on my life. All throughout my catechism and confirmation classes I was the one giving the sisters and nuns grief with my many questions about God. Desiring to know more about Him and His word, I prayed that God would become more real in my life. My family, like many others, had challenges but God remained faithful to His promise of “never leaving or forsaking” Hebrews 13:5. I began attending a youth group and was introduced to the fact that God wanted to have a “personal relationship” with me and so began my journey to “Know Him and Make Him Known”. I began to attend Living Faith Christian Church regularly and soon my family joined me. It was a small church just starting out and I was privileged to be a part of that whole process. Looking back now I can see where God used that time as training and equipping me to be skilled in those areas to further many ministries, around the world, in years to come with the knowledge and experience of church establishment and growth. It wasn’t too long after that Pastor Vin saw a kid that was on fire for God and gave me a chance to grow by placing me in leadership at the age of 15! Mentoring and teaching me, guiding me for years…and still a part of my life to this day, to Pastor Vin, I say thank you! I was given an opportunity to serve God overseas in Italy in an Evangelical Ministry called “Christ is the Answer”. I was there for 3 months in my junior year summer preaching the gospel throughout the Rome area. What a life changing experience!

After graduating high school, I attended Bible College in Connecticut. graduating with an Associate in Biblical Studies. I was then called to assist in establishing a sister church to include a children and youth program in Blackburn, England. I lived in Europe for 6 months and was successful in working on those projects assigned. The experience that was gained through that time has once again served to propel me deeper into ministry. God certainly does “work all things together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose”. Romans 8:28

I returned back to CT and resumed working within the church with evangelism and outreach ministries. Within a few months I was introduced to a ministry in SC that was in need of help. They had the desire to reach children and youth in the area but needed young help to oversee it. Yup, you guessed it, off I went! At the age of 21, I was ordained through A.C.T.S International (Actively Committed To Serve) I packed up and headed to SC not knowing anyone and made a home there for the next 17 years! Beaufort, SC holds many memories for me. It was there that I worked with Christ the King Ministries and established a children’s bus ministry that served 100+ kids weekly on Saturday mornings. Many of those kids have grown up to work within ministry and have become effective and productive citizens. I still have lasting relationships with these young adults that have families now of their own.

There are also various programs and outreaches to the local community that I established that are still going strong today! When I visit the area I’m humbled to see how what started as a vision and dream evolved into wonderful ministry opportunities throughout the entire county. In 2001, I became part of Love House Ministries and served with them as a minister for my remaining years in Beaufort. Under the pastoral care and direction of Pastors Randy & Theresa Roberts many life changes occurred for me that has strengthened and trained me to further in ministry to be a Woman of God.  Their Godly examples and pouring into me of wisdom and practical ministry applications have stood as pillars in my life.  Holding to those biblical principles, I’m able to continue this legacy to many children, youth and adults!

In 2010, I made a decision to relocate to Florida, where most of my family has migrated to from CT and assist with the care of my grandmother. That brings me to my current ministry opportunity here at First Presbyterian Church. I have served here now for almost 5 years and have recently expanded my job to include Christian Education for all ages and Outreach. I can’t help but reflect back on my years of ministry and think…

Long before Zaccheaus couldn’t see Jesus the tree was already planted to meet his need!!!

You see, seeds that were planted in me are still growing and producing a harvest for His kingdom. There is not one moment of ministry that God does not use. He is continually challenging and compelling us to “GO”. So, what’s next for my story???? Join me in this journey and let’s find out together! Join me in prayer as we reach the lost and disciple the saved!

In His Service

Ann Marie R. D’Alessio
Director of Christian Education & Outreach