John & Beth Muehleisen
World Gospel Mission

Discipling and Developing the Next Generation of African Christian Leadership

World Gospel Mission  –  Africa  –  John and Beth Muehleisen  (since 1992)

Address:  P.O. Box 948, Marion, IN 46952-0948

Contact:  John Muehleisen, above address, 765-664-7331,

Checks to:  World Gospel Mission, above address, memo note: “John Muehleisen


Purpose:  Helping young leaders in Africa realize their amazing potential in Christ

to become the foundation of the African church!

Financial: All funding is derived from donations to the World Gospel Mission.

World Gospel Mission has been in existence since 1910. It is an international, interdenominational mission agency.  Missionaries with WGM are not funded by any one church or denomination, but each missionary raises financial support for their ministry through individuals and churches who share their passion and vision.

John and Beth have served as missionaries to Africa with World Gospel Mission since 1985, serving in Kenya .  Kenya straddles the equator in East Africa and is the same size as Texas .

John & Beth’s main focus and passion has been training African church planters, evangelists, and multiple church leaders in East Africa .  In addition to working with church planters, John has served as senior pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Nairobi , Kenya.

Beth has served as trainer and mentor to the church planter wives, and has taught at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, helping train church leaders from all over Africa. She led a ministry called ‘Eve’, which disciples young professional women.

“We could not develop strong leadership for the rapidly growing African church without partners like you.  Our goal is to enable them to be ‘thoroughly equipped for every good work’ (2 Timothy 3:17 ) Will you pray that God will help us in the early identification and intentional development of tomorrow’s leaders?  We want to help them develop the integrity, excellence, and innovation they will need to lead the church forward. In giving, you are helping young leaders in Africa realize their amazing potential in Christ.  Through your partnership they will become the foundation of the African church!”

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