Cudas Unhooked

Cudas Unhooked, Inc.    (since 2010)

Address:     P.O. Box 394, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170

Contact:      Shawn Lane, 2411 Glenmore Ct., New Smyrna Beach, FL  32168            386-690-1355

Checks to:  above contact

Purpose:  To help at-risk students (homeless) graduate from New Smyrna Beach High School.  Provide a home  for students, mostly seniors, that have no safe place to live.  It is the “Bridge House”.  The program consists of 4 “Pillars of Success”:

          Bridge House:  Shelter, Security, Drama Free

          Mentoring:  Tutoring, Life Skills, Counseling

          Personal Development:  Budgeting, Job Skills, Networking

          Senior Life:  Yearbook, Prom, Celebrations

Financial:  There is one salaried employee, and approximately 82% of donations go into the program.