Thornwell – Home for Children (since 1875)

Address:  302 South St., Clinton, SC 29325

Contact:   Julie Huffman, Grants Mgr., 704-658-6145,

Checks to:  Julie Huffman at above address

Purpose:  Provides hope for hurting children and families. Safe and loving homes through family-style residential care and foster care families.  Hope for a brighter future academic programs as well as community based programs.  Healing through the nurturing love of Jesus and professional counseling therapy.

Residential programs for children.

Building Families Program, preserving the Family unit (4-6 hrs./wk, 8-12 wks).

Foster care program – recruit, train and support

Early head start for infants and toddlers

Learning Center, K-5 to 12th, providing academic support

Financial:  82.23% on programs,  9.72% fund raising,  8.05% administration

Founded as a Presbyterian ministry in 1875, Thornwell Home for Children is a joyful Christian community, offering hope & wholeness to children and families.  Its goal are to provide loving homes for abused, abandoned, and neglected children, to offer an opportunity for healing by providing proper healthcare and mental health counseling for every Thornwell child, and to offer Thornwell’s children hope for a successful future by providing educational support and teaching self-advocacy.

Serving children from infant to young adult, from the geographic areas of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, Thornwell Home provides residential care for those who experienced trauma, poverty, or other family crisis which would require placement outside the home of origin.  Utilizing the Teaching Family Model of care, the children and youth are taught life skills and self-advocacy, in a home-like setting with trained, nurturing family teachers.

While residential care has been a long-time focus, Thornwell is expanding its continuum of care into providing community-based family services.  These services are designed to address the issues that are threatening family stability with the goal of keeping the family together providing it is a safe and healthy environment. They have implemented a 4-K program on Thornwell’s campus, and with the collaboration of a church to provide parental support to at-risk families in the Greenville, SC area.  Both of these initiatives have met with great success and growth to serve more children. Plans are in the works to expand these initiatives.

Thornwell Home for Children supports the philosophy that a child cannot thrive if his/her family does not thrive, and a family cannot thrive if the community does not.  As Thornwell seeks to expand to help even more families through community outreach, education, intervention and support, the sustainability of ministry of residential care for children at our physical plant in Clinton, SC remains paramount.  Homes still need power and water, as well as renovations and updates; children still need food, clothing, academic support, mental health counseling and Christian nurturing.

By God’s Grace & through the partnership of people such as First Presbyterian Church of New Smyrna Beach, Thornwell will continue to be a vital witness in the name of Jesus Christ as we stand together in mutual ministry to help keep the promises we all make in Baptism.

Thornwell houses approximately 125 children –  ages birth to 21 each year.

For more information, visit or

Twitter @Thornwell_Home Or  phone 888-310-9387