The Wilson Family

“Shalom Ministries – Nicaragua  –  Emerson and Martina Wilson  (since 1996)

(Sponsoring organization is the “Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship”, 100 5th St., Ste.330, Bristol, TN 37620 – 423-573-5308)

Address:  Apartado #3, Esteli-Nicaragua

Contact:  Emerson or Martina Wilson, above address, 352-301-5138 (toll free)

Check to:  Emerson or Martina Wilson, Apartado #3, Esteli-Nicaragua, or online donation to

Purpose:  Bringing Christian wholeness to our extended Nicaraguan family. Our personal mission is to preach, teach, encourage and mentor our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters.  We focus especially on the Ministry Teams of our Church plants.  Our mission it to reach out to the unchurched of Nicaragua with the good news of Jesus Christ, share Bible and Sacraments, teach them the Reform Doctrine so they can grow spiritually and eventually reproduce themselves.  This is called advancing the Kingdom.

Our family consists of Emerson and Martina Wilson, my wife since 1996; Sofia Blandon, Martina’s mother, who lives with us; and our daughter Xochil who graduated from the University of Florida and is living with us and working in our church and TFCA School.

We are located in the Barrio Boanerge Lopez, Esteli, Nicaragua. Esteli is located 150 kilometers north of Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua.  The community we work in Esteli is a community of some 137,000 men, women and children living, for the most part, in one of two worlds.  The employed or the unemployed.

Many people looking for work travel to Managua or Costa Rica because there are opportunities for work in that city and country.  The rate of unemployment in Nicaragua is more than 50%.  Our focus in Esteli remains in reaching out to the unchurched population which is mostly Catholic.

There are thousands of unchurched people who have fallen away from their church for one reason or another.  Nicaragua is a fertile open field for evangelizing the unchurched and there is a great need here for the purity of the Reformed Doctrine.

We pray that God will provide a way for us to plant three more churches and then we can begin the Shalom Presbytery of Nicaragua.  Below is just a couple of the many ministries started; we also have Spiritual Retreats, host Missions Teams such as our Mission Team that will be going in July to help build the new church in Esteli and the Shalom Scholarship Program.


Martina, Xochil and I have started this new ministry for 3 and 4 year old students.  There is a great need for this ministry in Esteli which has a population of 137,000 and only two Christian Pre-Schools serving the needs of the children.  Donations have allowed us to purchase land and build the TFCA school facilities.


Martina and I are Directors in Nicaragua for the prison ministry called Crossroad Bible Institute, which teaches male and female prisoners about the good news of Jesus Christ and the Bible.  In this capacity, we supervise activities of our instructors serving the needs of female and male prisoners in the prisons of Esteli and Matagalpa.  We are providing 65 prisoners in these two prisons of Estili and Matagalpa with materials, lessons and Bibles.