Reanna Ministries  –  Kat Pontiac   (since 2012)

Address:  690 N. US Hwy 1, Oak Hill, FL 32759

Contact:  Kat Pontiac,  above address, 386-210-4025 or 803-517-2087 (cell)

Checks to:  Reanna Ministries, above address

Purpose:  Our focus is on meeting the needs of those coming to us for support services that include food pantry, shelter for homeless travelers and helping families out of domestic violence situations.

This past year Reanna Ministries provided the following;

– 1465 bags of food for families

– laundry service to 95

– accommodated 106 homeless travelers

– provided showers for 147

– gave clothing to 44 in need

– housed 125 at shelter

– gave out 24 ea.$10 gas cards

– served 14 veterans

In addition we provided miscellaneous acts of giving to those in need.

Financial:  Our ministry is supported by money donations and donations of appliances, clothing, furniture, art, jewelry, etc. which is sold in our “Thrift Store”. The “Thrift Store” is run by all volunteers and provides 100% of all receipts to carry on our ministry.