Duvall Homes  (since 1945)

Address:  3395 Grand Ave., P.O.Box 220036, Glenwood, FL 32722

Contact:  Steven Devane, 386-734-2874,  sdevane@duvallhomes.org

Checks to:  Elizabeth Bhimjee at above address

Purpose:  Benefits individuals with developmental disabilities requiring extensive care and services.  Their goal is high quality of life and greatest independence.  Provides 24/7 nursing to nearly 100 individuals ages 24-88, mostly Florida residents.

Individuals reside in one of 16 state-licensed group homes.

Offer adult day training program at the “Opportunities Enrichment Center”

Partner with the “Meals on Wheels” program

Financial:  89% programs,  10% administration,  1% fund raising