“Camino Global” – John & Jan Lohrenz

John and Jan Lohrenz

“Camino Global”   (since 1897)-  John and Jan Lohrenz –  (since 1982)

Address: 8625 La Prada Dr., Dallas, TX 75228  jlohrenz@caminoglobal.org

Email:  jlohrenz@caminoglobal.org

Checks to:  Paula Allen, same address

Purpose:  It is a Christian missionary society operating on a “faith” basis, receiving offerings from individuals and churches to make disciples of Spanish speaking people equipping them to serve God.  They have been partnering with a church in Spain for the past 10 years. They have moved back to Dallas to work with a local church in Spanish Evangelism and integrating into a multi-cultural congregation.

They will also work with young believers in Central America through “Buscad Primero”, Spanish for Matthew 6:33, holding workshops and providing materials throughout the Spanish speaking countries.

Financial:  Average 12 month giving is $7,206.   85% of funds received go directly to support the program.

Jan and John Lohrenz moved to Guatemala in February of 1985, to serve with CAM International, a missionary society formed to bring the gospel to the Central American countries. Jan was raised in a Presbyterian church in Houston, and trusted Jesus as her savior while studying at the University of Texas.  John’s pilgrimage began earlier in life as a “missionary kid” in Nigeria. Both felt called to the mission field, and after meeting in an adult Sunday school class in Dallas, married and committed their lives to that calling.

They served for twenty-two years in Guatemala.  Their work included training indigenous Christians to lead their churches, translating the Bible into one of the ethnic languages, working at a missionary kids’ school, and raising three boys – Andy, Tim and Ben. Along the way, CAM changed their name to “Camino Global,” reflecting the growing desire of the Central American churches to join the worldwide missionary force. John and Jan, in keeping with the Mission’s evolving philosophy, moved to Spain with their Guatemalan partners, to work with a local church to plant a new church in a nearby town of 15,000.

John became known to many of us when he joined us in our “Mission to Mississippi” trip several years ago.