Fellowship & Outreach

The Fellowship & Outreach Ministry is one of reaching out in dedicated service with the welcoming spirit of genuine presence to all and continuing to build a church where all are welcome and where all people can truly feel at home sharing the Lord’s abundant blessings in our community.

We believe that fostering relationships among our congregation and our community is vital. That’s where the Fellowship Outreach Ministry comes in, planning and overseeing the church social functions that bring our church members together, making our church a welcoming, beautiful place to meet and worship in authentic fellowship with God and being present out in our community as God’s helping hands to others through service and support.

Church gatherings come in many forms:

  • Pot Luck Dinners/Lunches
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Movie Night
  • Crafts Day
  • BBQ Luncheons
  • Neighborhood Cookout
  • Concerts
  • Strawberry Festival and Fun
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Church Clean Up Day with Lunch

Jesus came to us guide us and teach us how to serve and love others. He instructs us in biblical scriptures to love one another as we would love ourselves. How we do that may be as easy as providing food or listening, other times, it’s supporting a 12-step recovery program. Whatever the way, Christ leads us as the light of the world.

We share His light throughout our community by partnering with local community service groups such as:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Grace House Pregnancy Center
  • Celebrate Recovery Program
  • School Mentoring Programs
  • Food Banks
  • Thrift Stores and Shelters
  • High School Residential Housing Program
  • Veteran’s Resources
  • Many More

You are always welcome to join our committee to help serve others, fellowship with other Christians and to reach out and touch lives in our community to share in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, “Come”, it’s just that easy.

For further information:
Laurie Grizzard
Email: lmgrizzard@gmail.com

Susan Barringer
Email: coastalcrackers@gmail.com


Office Phone: 386.428.2397